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I actually just graduated a.I.t. For m.o.s. 88m or truck driver. I graduated 11.13.06 and I graduated basic training at ft leonard wood mo. 9.8.06. I have read many articles about the new ''softer'' army, and I have to say, I didn't see it. The drills were constantly in peoples faces yelling and cursing. I'm 24 and really never had a problem, but I was constantly amused at the 18 yr olds flinching in terror when a ds was in their face. Boot camp for me was pretty hard, and I lost 40 lbs. There was an occasional mention from the drills that they weren't supposed to curse anymore, but it was usually followed by " but I don't give a f!@#$ sh#$". A.I.t was a little more relaxed in el paso tx. And we even received 24 hr off post passes from sat 1300 to sun 1300, but they were often taken away. Our last pass before graduation was taken away because there was a giant turd unflushed in the latrine during a batallion walkthrough. I agree its easier than the days of 0 sleep and hitting and all that, but it wasn't easy. I noticed it said truck driver had an 80 percent grad rate, and wanted to note that out mos is in the top 5 most needed in the sandbox right now. Ieds and all have made it a dangerous mos most don't want to do....
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