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Originally posted by Stickman
The Vltor billet upper is a heavier duty unit that has reinforcements built through out. It is also cut from a billet as opposed to a forging, so its dimensions should be exact, instead of just really close. There are people who feel that the billet is a superior upper for precision work due to its perfection with the billet. I'm not sure how much realistic gain can be expected in that arena.

For most people, its a matter of having an upper that looks different, or they can say is a billet.

Below is a picture of my Vltor upper on a SunDevil billet lower. POF is also making a billet lower. I've got some pictures of those I should try to post as well.

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Stick you are correct about asking the question if billet has REAL
WORLD and Practical-use advantages over forged. I can tell you what you likely know: that billet items benefit from consistently dense billets they start with and are stronger provided the design is the same. Of course if design is also bolstered in areas for extra strength then a CNC billet product will be that much stronger. Billet metals are usually stronger than forged and have less imperfections.

The question for us is whether we need the extra robustness or are the forged proudcts perfectly sufficient -- the latter is true for me and your mileage may vary.
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