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biggest buck you ever got..

mine was a ten pointer in was on the second day of buck seas..around 12 was about a 150 yard shot..he was running behind 3 doe, staying about 10 to 15 yards behind them with his head down the hole time..
i was in a deer stand that was old about 10 years old was falling apart..i had just unloaded my win. mod# 70, 30-06 when i saw them..i put a shell in and in got hung up in the bolt, eject. that one and stuff another one in there, was in a sitting post., took the shot, hit him on the left side and took out his lungs and heart. never could find his heart..was usein a 150 grain fed bullet, think it was a soft point..anyway he ran about 20 to 25 yards, took a junp over the stream and cane back down in the middle of the stream..he died in mid air..he dress out at 155 lb..since them have took a few deer but none like him..
how about you guys..
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