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I shot some big ones back in my youth. I shot 3 of them that dressed over 200 lbs. We used to enter the local buck board contests at the bars. Each of them had a platform scale to weigh the deer on. So, we had a pretty good idea what they weighed.

One of them was a 6 point but weighed 207. One was a nice big (20 inch)10 point that weighed 209. I won the local boards both years. But, about 15 miles east of me, it always took a buck in the 240 class to win.

A friend of mine found a pair of shed antlers (from this year) that are just huge. I took some pictures of them - 13 points. The bases are about the size of beer cans. 10 inch points. I took them back to him last Monday.

I went in his office and he had another set just about identical to the set I had borrowed. They were from 2 years ago. Just about a perfect match and about 95% as big. When I get the pictuers back, I'll post them.

He told me he has one side of a buck with a 29" beam. I'll try to get pictures of it some time.
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