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Does it rain there?

The best tent I've ever owned is my Eureka Mountain Pass XT (they come in 2 and 4 man last time I bought one ... about 4 years ago). Eureka likes to discontinue models, so, in case they don't make it anymore, here's what I liked about the Mountain Pass.

Rainfly goes down to the ground all the way around.

Two doors and both with vestibules (where the rainfly comes down to the ground away from the tent so you can take off/put on your boots outside the tent to keep mud and stuff out of your tent and keep your boots dry ... you can keep a backpack in it as well, but, you stated that doesn't apply here). Two doors are really nice for when you're next to the only door and your buddy has to get out to pee in the middle of the night.

Breathable ... if the tent doesn't utilize some sort of noseeum netting in the majority of the roof with a good rainfly, the condensation of your breathing during the night will make you damp.

It's actually waterproof and I've never seam-sealed any Eureka I've owned. You can spend $50-$100 less for a Target tent, but, at some point, you'll rather be dry.

Easy setup ... only two poles (in an X from overhead) with clips so you don't have to spend a lot of time trying to "thread" the poles through sleeves.

Aluminum poles ... vs. fiberglass ... aluminum poles are stronger and lighter (again, for backpacking) ... they seem to slide together nicer too.

Reasonable cost ... you could spend $1000 for a Bibler, but, for around $200, or less, you can get a nice 4-man Eureka.

It sounds like you're looking for a tent that you could actually do more than sleep in. If that's the case, check out the other tents offered by Eureka and find one with a rainfly that goes down to the ground all the way around ... or the closest thing to it ... and get that one.

Kelty is a slightly "cheaper" brand, but, before I went to them, I'd check out REI ... if Eureka doesn't have the tent you're looking for, REI likely will.

Something else to consider, if there are three of you, I'd recommend two 4-man tents. You'll have plenty of room in one of them for gear and you won't have as hard a time, as with a 6 or 8-man tent, in finding a good spot to set them up. Also works good if one guy snores too much or had too much beer and beans.

Good luck.
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