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canis, i have been camping for years and years and gone through several tents. the best by far is the one i currently have, the Eureka Equinox 4 Man Tent. it is plenty roomy and is unbelievably weather resistent. we have been in terrible wind and rain with no problems whatsoever. if there are 3 of you, this tent would be perfect for gear and all. setup is less than 3 minutes if you have two left feet and no thumbs. (read: incredibly quick and easy). the only drawback is that is isn't the cheapest tent in the world. but, imo, you get what you pay for.

one recommendation i will make regardless of make and model tent, get a FLOOR SAVER for it. you can use a tarp if need be. they prevent tears and moisture from coming up through the floor of the tent. especially if you will use sleeping bags vs. cots, air mattress, etc.

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