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Re: Illinois Question

Originally posted by Herdsman76
I'm curious, what does this card do for you as owners there in Illinois? Are there limits to how many firearms you can own? Limits on mag capacity, "assault rifle" features, etc.
The FOID card was implemented in 1968. $5 for 5 yrs. That was the cost then, still the same cost today. $3 goes to conservation and $2 goes to administer the card.
If you want to see what the application looks like you can DL a copy here: Once you send in the card a computerized check is done to ensure the applicant has no criminal record and has not been admitted into a mental health facility. The card looks something like a driver's license with the same information.
Before an IL resident can buy or possess guns or ammo they have to have a FOID card. It does not permit CCW. There are no limits to how many firearms you can own, no restrictions on mag capacity, no assault weapon ban/restrictions. You don't register your guns nor does the FOID ask if you even have guns. When you buy a gun you have to show your FOID card. The info on the card is used as ID to complete the fed form. When you buy ammo you just show your FOID card, no info is recorded.
Some cities in IL have more restrictive gun laws but those are not related to the FOID card.
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