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Re: It's been 45 days and no word from the sheriff !

Originally posted by FortyCaliber
Well, I've never been in this situation before.

I submitted my renewal app in early October. My carry permit expired last week.

I called the sheriff's office last week and they said my application was still being processed and that I'd get something in the mail from them.

Today was the 45th day since I submitted my renewal application.

Now what do I do ?

Any advice will be appreciated and taken with a grain of salt!
assuming you are still eligible for a license, you are actually still covered by your PA LTCF.

from the PA UFA (available as a PDF file on the BATFE website at


Section 6106: Firearms not to be carried without a license:


(b) Exceptions. The provisions of subsection(a) shall not apply to:


(12) A person who has a lawfully issued license to carry a firearm pursuant to section 6109 (relating to licenses) and that said license expired within six months prior to the date of the arrest and that individual is otherwise elgible for renewal of the license.
(subsection A just defines carrying without a current license as a crime. subsection b provides exceptions to that being a crime.)

this means (assuming you have not somehow become ineligible to have an LTCF) that you are still covered by your old PA LTCF since it expired within the last 6 months. (a cop might still arrest you as some of them don't seem to really know PA gun laws very well, but it won't hold up in court.)

(note: the version of the PA UFA availble on AOL seems to be out of date. it does not contain this paragraph or paragraph 13 of section 6106. however, the AOL version is dated 2000 and the BATFE version is dated 2003.)

btw, the UFA says "days" not "business days". nowhere in the entire thing does the term "business days" even appear. so this crap about sheriffs claiming they can take 45 business days is just that...crap.
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