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Originally posted by isp2605
He has a prior unlawful weapon conviction, and I believe he's still on probation, so he probably can't get a FOID card.
Not to mention, not all football players, or "professional" athletes in general, are actually residents of the state they are playing for. And you have to be a resident of Illinois in order to even apply for an FOID card. Which would technically make him not guilty of possessing a handgun without an FOID, save for the fact that he is not allowed to possess a handgun anyway, due to prior problems.

Illinois also has their own Assault Weapons ban, don't they? And I know for sure that Chicago, if not all of Cook County has made it illegal to possess a handgun. With or without an FOID card.

Boy, am I glad I was able to "ESCAPE FROM CHICAGO". Unfortunately, I have to go back there for the next couple of days.
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