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Originally posted by Glocks&Ducs
Not to mention, not all football players, or "professional" athletes in general, are actually residents of the state they are playing for.
The residence that was raided is his, which makes him a resident. It was a drug raid and one was taken in custody. I don't believe Tank was home when the raid was done. He turned himself in later on the FOID charges.

Originally posted by Glocks&Ducs
Illinois also has their own Assault Weapons ban, don't they?
Nope, no AWB in IL.

Originally posted by Glocks&Ducs
And I know for sure that Chicago, if not all of Cook County has made it illegal to possess a handgun. With or without an FOID card.
Handguns can be possessed in Chicago provided they are registered thru the city.
His residence is in Lake Co which is north of Chicago and Cook Co.
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