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Originally posted by isp2605
I am very well aware of the legal points concerning residency.

I'm also very well aware of that and the other laws in IL too.
Are you aware his residence is in Gurnee? So none of the Chicago/Cook Co part matters.
I never stated he lived in Chicago. I was simply confirming for the OP how retarded Illinois, and more specifically Chicago gun laws can be, and making the statement that I was glad I moved from there after being a resident from the age of 2 up until I was 30. You then stated you can possess a handgun in Chicago provided it is registered through the city, and that is not true except for in a very few and rare cases. That is why I made the point about Chicago and Cook County. Places I hope to return to, as little as possible if at all, after this weekend. I am telling the family, if they want to see anymore, they are going to have to come down here, or I will meet them in another non-communist state.
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