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Originally posted by Glocks&Ducs
You didn't clarify anything. But I will
So you think your blanket statement of "And I know for sure that Chicago, if not all of Cook County has made it illegal to possess a handgun. With or without an FOID card." is accurate? Sorry, but it isn't. Your initial statement makes it sound like all handguns are illegal in Chicagoland. That simply is not the case as you later clarified. But taking your initial statement as it was initially written the OP, and anyone else, would think differently.
However, none of it has anything at all to do with the OP's original question.
BTW, I'm very familiar with Chicagoland gun laws. Might say I've had more than a passing involvement in them and, if your profile is correct, then even a few years before you were first around.
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