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Originally posted by Glocks&Ducs It was accurate when I wrote it, and it is accurate now.
Sorry, your intial statement was extremely inaccurate. Using your initial statement gives one the impression that everyone with a handgun in Chicago is illegal. I simply pointed out that isn't true. You later clarified that with accurate info.
If you want to believe your initial statement is accurate then go ahead and believe whatever you want.

Originally posted by Glocks&Ducs [B]
Sorry to break this to you, but your involvement with Chicago gun laws before I was born makes you nothing more than an old timer. Things change, you can keep up, B]
Dont' worry, I kept up on them. It was part of my job to keep up on them. Hardly a day went by for a lot of years that I wasn't fielding such questions.
You are so knowledgeable of IL gun laws, like your other question "Illinois also has their own Assault Weapons ban, don't they?". Yup, you're right on top of them.

Originally posted by Glocks&Ducs or you can make vague statements trying to dispel truths that apply to the rest of us.
Whatever you want to think. Your initial statement was exceeding vague and as a blanket statement completely incorrect.
Going into a long dissertation on the Chicagoland gun laws doesn't matter because none of it has anything to do with the OP's question since Tank doesn't live in either Chicago or Cook Co.
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