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Originally posted by allglock
Delco is tough!
If they cant get ahold of your references, you gotta wait.
Both of my references were local buisnessmen, and the Sheriffs office called them both at about 6-7 PM when they are on their way home!
Why not call them at their buisness during the day?
It took me about 45 days (total) to get my renewal last year.
The problem is the sheriffs only work m-f 6 am ish to 7 pm ish. They have a civilian person who does all initial paperwork and pictures. Then it gets handed over to one of several deputys who do permits as an OT type thing/ extra duty type thing, calling references etc. It is always in the evening b/c the S.O. is so short handed it has to be done after the courts are down for the day. They dont even have enough coverage for courtrooms at times

I am not going to tell you why I know this.
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