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Not being able to find the latest PA statute online, I called my state rep's office and got a copy of the statute so that I would be forearmed with the latest info.

I then called the Sheriff's Office on Friday to get an update on my permit. The clerk that usually handles the permits was on vacation.

The woman that answered the phone was a miserable female canine. She said that she could not give out information on the phone because of privacy and that they have no way of knowing who they are giving the information to. (That's funny... the girl who usually handles the permits told me the status ove the phone when I called last month. Banks and credit card companies are able to verify who they are talking to over the phone all the time.)

She told me that I would receive a letter in the mail when I was approved and that they are very busy. I told her very politely that I was very concerned about my renewal as it had been 50 working days and 70 consecutive days since I applied for my renewal. I also told her that it wasn't my problem that they were busy, I needed my permit and they have a limited time to reply to me. She then got really huffy and told me that I had to come in person to check on it.

I then called the gun permit supervisor to try to get more information but there was no answer so I left a message. I am still waiting for that return call.

I went to the sheriff's office on Friday afternoon and the woman who was handling the permits told me that I was just approved on 12/11 and that I didn't get my letter in the mail since the woman who normally does the permits was on vacation.

I thought she was going to tell me to come back after I received the approval letter, but she did not, she cheerfully gave me my permit.

I am relieved that I finally have my renewal, but it concerns me that the chief law enforcement agency in the county is not following PA law. If they have no concern for the rights and priveleges of law-abiding citizens, there's no telling what's next.
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