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The USS San Francisco that recklessly ran into an undersea mountain is going to have her foward section removed. She had a fairly recent refueling. They will take the forward half of the decommisioned USS Honolulu and put the two halves together. Some have joiked that it will be called the USS Hono-Frisco The Navy and Electric Boat, for years, have sectioned submarines into various forms from new fast boats (1960's) into the early boomers, the older boomers into spec ops boats etc... Seriously, it is a great tribute to how well the USS San Francisco survivied both due to the quality of engineering and the training of the crew to combat collisions. Terribly, there was one loss of life. Unfortunately most people only hear of the infrequent incidents rather than the major accomplishments of the "Silent Service" - so be it. All of us who served on all submarines, boomers, fast attack, NR1 and our DSRV's post WWII can be very proud that our service was the leading effort to end the cold war.

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