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Yes, Winchester put out a ton of 10mm data for all of about one year, maybe two. Luckily, I have the 1993 Winchester load guide, which I'll post some of the more useful loads from here.

All of this data is with the following components and set-up:

Case: Winchester
Primer: Winchester Large Pistol
OAL: 1.260" (all loads, regardless of different bullets being used)
Barrel: 5" (does not state if the velocities are from the pressure bbl., but I'd assume so)

Powder Start Max Velocity Pressure
200gr FMJ (Winchester)
W571 8.3grs 9.3grs 1070 fps 35,600 psi
W540 7.5grs 8.6grs 1090 fps 35,600 psi
WSF 5.2grs 6.2grs 1020 fps 35,600 psi
W231 4.6grs 5.6grs 1000 fps 35,600 psi
WSL 4.0grs 5.0grs 0960 fps 35,600 psi
WST 4.6grs 0890 fps 35,600 psi
W296 DNR 11.6grs 0940 fps 23,600 psi

180gr JHP (Winchester)
W540 7.4grs 9.4grs 1180 fps 35,600 psi
WSF 5.7grs 7.1grs 1150 fps 35,600 psi
W231 5.2grs 5.8grs 1050 fps 35,600 psi
WSL 4.8grs 5.6grs 1060 fps 35,600 psi
WST 5.0grs 5.5grs 1010 fps 35,200 psi
W296 DNR 12.6grs 0990 fps 22,400 psi
W571 8.3grs 10.2grs 1170 fps 35,600 psi

170gr JHP (No stated brand)
W540 8.0grs 9.9grs 1250 fps 35,600 psi
WSF 6.0grs 7.5grs 1210 fps 35,600 psi
W231 4.7grs 6.3grs 1120 fps 35,600 psi
WSL 4.1grs 6.0grs 1130 fps 35,600 psi
WST 4.5grs 5.5grs 1020 fps 29,500 psi
W571 9.0grs 10.8grs 1240 fps 35,600 psi

155gr JHP (No stated brand)
WSF 6.8grs 8.4grs 1320 fps 35,600 psi
WST 5.0grs 8.0grs 1220 fps 31,900 psi
W231 5.8grs 7.3grs 1250 fps 35,600 psi
WSL 5.4grs 6.9grs 1250 fps 35,600 psi
W571 9.7grs 12.0grs 1350 fps 35,300 psi
W540 8.8grs 11.0grs 1350 fps 35,600 psi

150gr JHP (No stated brand)
WSF 6.5grs 8.1grs 1310 fps 35,600 psi
W231 6.0grs 7.0grs 1210 fps 35,600 psi
WST 5.5grs 7.0grs 1190 fps 34,000 psi
WSL 5.5grs 6.3grs 1210 fps 35,600 psi
W571 9.5grs 11.4grs 1330 fps 35,600 psi
W540 8.5grs 10.6grs 1330 fps 35,600 psi

The loads with W231 and WSF are still listed with the exact same components on the current Winchester loading guide on their website. The rest are all gone...

There was also data for a 190gr JHP bullet, which Winchester had made on special order for a large federal LE agency, but that bullet was never released to the public so I didn't copy the data to here.

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