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Here's the current data from Ramshot's website. This is their reloading guide #4.1 (2006).

Case: Unknown
Primer: Winchester Large Pistol
Barrel: 5"
OAL: 1.260" (regardless of different bullets, they're all this length)

Bullet Powder Start Max Velocity Pressure
Lyman 200gr LTC Silhouette 5.8grs 6.7grs 1000 fps 34,250 psi
Hornady 200gr XTP Silhouette 6.9grs 7.8grs 1025 fps 35,700 psi
Sierra 190gr FPJ Silhouette 7.4grs 8.3grs 1185 fps 34,700 psi
Sierra 180gr JHC Silhouette 7.5grs 8.4grs 1210 fps 34,400 psi
Lyman 170gr LSWC Silhouette 7.4grs 8.2grs 1220 fps 34,100 psi
Winchester 170gr JHP Silhouette 7.9grs 9.1grs 1285 fps 34,600 psi
Hornady 155gr XTP Silhouette 8.8grs 9.7grs 1355 fps 35,400 psi
Sierra 150gr JHC Silhouette 8.7grs 9.8grs 1395 fps 35,500 psi

Note that the only powder listed by Ramshot is still Silhouette. Not much in the way of load development there. You'd think Ramshot would realize that True Blue and Enforcer would accomplish a lot more than Silhouette in the 10mm...
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