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years ago....

Years ago my military trained brother advised/taught me to "cycle the ammo" in my clips and always leave it one round short if I ever used an M-15 or M-16. (This was for early models' (ca.60's) jamming heart-aches that were caused and or associated with the exact tolerances of these two weapons.) He said by simply "cycling my ammo" (rearranging) the ammo in the clip, i "NEVER" had to worry about a magazine spring not functioning in other type of weapons.

I do it to this day and I dont have problems.

By the way, I have used the ORIGNAL Glock magazine that came with my first G-22, which I received in 1999, although not on purpose I have "beat up" this G-22 as a side arm for almost 8 years. Although I now carry a newer Glock for self-defense, I use my "old" G-22 as a sidearm for hunting and practice at the range. IT STILL USES THE ORIGINAL MAGAZINE WITH NO PROBLEMS. All I have ever done is "cycled my ammo." (Brother Skip, if you read this, thanks for that info!)
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