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I've mentioned our 8-9 month old Maltese in this thread before. He has been potty trained fairly well for the past couple of months now (one accident every couple of weeks if I fed him to late in the evening maybe).

Anyway, all of a sudden he has started going in the house again, mainly at night. During the day when we are not home, we block off our hallway and keep him in there. At night when we sleep, he sleeps in his bed (which is beside our bed), and if he gets up he can only go out into the hallway as we keep it blocked off then too. Like I said, he has recently started using the bathroom in the house again at night.

We feed him three times a day, in the morning at about 8:00, at lunch at about 12:00, and then at about 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening. He usually ends up going to the bathroom in the house after midnight (I've caught him a few times).

What is the deal with this? Why did he suddenly go back to his old ways, and what can I do?

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