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CentralMSGunFan wrote

yo G I got one for you. Ball drive on my dog is awesome, She will run and go get it, bring it back, BUT doesnt want to drop it. Is there a methoid to teaching to drop?

Not to butt in here, but for what it's worth here's another suggestion. Use two identical balls.. throw the first one, let your dog chase it and reterive it and bring it back.. as he is coming back to you, start "teasing" him with the second ball. In most cases, the dog will drop the first ball and focus on the ball your teasing him with because the first ball, or "prey" if you will, is dead and now there's new "prey" item to chase.. using two identical toys like this is done all time with schH dogs and other high drive working dogs as a fun game and as an way to help build drive. We use balls on a string, plain hard rubber balls with a short piece of rope though the middle but they aren't required. Use whatever ball toys your dog likes best. If nothing else, it's just something you can try before going to leash corrections..

Sorry about just jumping in here..


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