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Originally posted by supra98
obedience?, whay not in public?, ok my boy listens to me very good when its just him and me, or when im around my roomates, BUT i took him to petmart yesterday and he went crazy, he didnt want to sit, walk on the leash right..nothin made me look bad, why?
Because you haven't trained with distractions. Thats the difference between a Pro helping you and you doing it yourself.

Take some time into the pet store and dop some training right in the store, weekends are when they are most crowded.

Originally posted by supra98
ok any help would do, sorry bout asking so much questions, but all your guys help works..ok shedding my dogs sheds so so much and its winter, normal?
You have a Maltese that sheds???
Anyway, food is a big factor, the better the food, the the less shedding.
Second, what kind of shampoo are you using?
Did you pet your dog today?
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