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Sorry for just jumping in here.. but for what it's worth, we have three Shepherds, soon to be four, and I agree with what G20 said on brushing.. we take like 5 or 10 minutes everyday for a light brushing and we use a shedding blade once a week or so.
I'll also second what G20 said about kibble. Pedigree is a waste.. Nutro is way better. Take heed to switching them slowly.. start by mixing a small amount of Nutro with the the Pedigree.. do that for a couple days and then substitute a little more of the Pedigree with Nutro, do that for a couple days, and then a little more.. you get the idea.. keep going that way until you've complete eliminated the Pedigree. For what it's worth, we feed a mix of Sensible Choice and raw. Anyway, if you follow G20's advice you'll see in no time how the right food makes an incredible difference with coats, teeth, gums, etc.
As for shampooing.. my personal opinion is that bi weekly is too often.. we shampoo our guys every 5 to 6 weeks.. that, combined with daily brushing and a good diet does wonders for their coats, and makes shedding, something a GSD is gonna do regardless, much more tolerable.. lol.


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