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Originally posted by dawg23

I have to confess that, had I been in a similar situation, my first thought would have been to call EBR Sheriff - just always associate LSP with enforcing driving regulations.
A common misconception. While the uniformed guys' primary responsibility IS traffic, they are still cops and act accordingly.

The only reason you don't see more uniformed state police doing "real policing" is because of all the non-driving morons here who keep us busy cleaning up their crashes.

Funny thing, you only see this mindset (troopers are speed cops) around big cities. In the rural areas, its a different story. I spent my first ten years at Troop F in Monroe, and many times after midnight was the only police car out in a three-parish area. I got to do all sorts of odd-ball investigations.

Anyway, too bad it takes an incident like this to wake up the sheeple. Glad your man came through it okay.

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