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I used to sell high end backpacking tents from The North Face,
Walrus, Sierra Designs, etc. For the best value, where price is a factor, the best all around three season non-backpacking tents are from, you guessed it........EUREKA! Where price is not a factor, try a The North Face VE-25 in the snow. But it costs about as much as a Glock.

Try to get some low vent window(s) and some high vent window(s), this combination changes your air best when there is no wind, and that reduces condensation. Two doors are also best in case rain or snow is pounding against one door and you need to get in or out the other side..

A ground cloth is more important INSIDE the tent than outside, you and your gear, zippers, etc, are rougher than the ground. Of course a second ground cloth under the tent floor can be a luxury, unless it sticks out and collects rain!

If you reserve your tent for sleeping, and do everything else outside, your tent will outlast most of your gear. Don't eat, drink, or cook in your tent if possible. No shoes inside. Sometimes my set-up tent stays empty, when I stay outside under the stars.

My late '70's Eureka Catskill 3 man A frame is still going strong, but I normally carry my late '80's vintage Crescent 2 man half-dome. Both of these old Eureka models were discontinued just before I bought them on sale.
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