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Originally posted by supra98
ok ifollowed the advice and my GSD is now eating the nutro dog food, how long till when i see a signifficant change in his coat, less shedding?. and another quest. im thinking bout getting a GSD puppy, will him and my older GSD get along?, both males, or should i breed him with another GSD so he can have a son?
G20 is going to have to handle the food question.

As far as introducing a new dog, as long as you have established yourself as the pack leader it shouldn't be an issue. How is your dog with other dogs in general? The important thing is that when you introduce the new dog you current dog has to see that you are in control of this dog. That will prevent any chance of those two fighting for dominance. Treat them both the same. Does your current dog show any signs of food aggression? If so, that needs to be addressed before introducing a new dog also. As far as adopting or breeding. That won't really matter to the dog. Personally, I think you should always adopt. I'm not sure if you talked about this before but do you plan on getting your current dog fixed?
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