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Originally posted by supra98
ok ifollowed the advice and my GSD is now eating the nutro dog food, how long till when i see a signifficant change in his coat, less shedding?. and another quest. im thinking bout getting a GSD puppy, will him and my older GSD get along?, both males, or should i breed him with another GSD so he can have a son?
Its going to be awhile, especially if the dog is an outside dog. The dirtier he gets the more he sheds. Much easier to keep an indoor dog clean. I would say minium of 2-3 bags of food.

Originally posted by supra98
my dog is usally good with other dogs, he jus sniffs them and stuff like that, one time he seen a dog and the dog seen him, it growled at him then my dog did the same, they were prob both males and bouot the same size, as far as food aggression, he loves to eat if thats what you mean, i come out to feed him and he jumps around everywhere and gets happy, i make him sit and calm down before i feed him. i havent got him fixed yet i want to breed him....
Like Blinky said, if you are the alpha, no problems with another dog.

Do us all a favor and DON'T breed your GSD. If your not going to do it for a living then please don't even bother with it. There are way too many dogs in this world now that need good homes, all because their owners wanted to breed them "once".
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