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Originally posted by Deuce

if there are three of you, I'd recommend two 4-man tents. You'll have plenty of room in one of them for gear and you won't have as hard a time, as with a 6 or 8-man tent, in finding a good spot to set them up. Also works good if one guy snores too much or had too much beer and beans.

Good luck.
it's just my wife, daughter and me. THEY are the ones who have to worry! LOL

Anyway, GREAT replies here! Much appreciated! I couldn't find some of the Eureka models you all mentioned, but I DID get the drift. I went with the Eureka Dome 4XT with vestibule...$140 from

bought Coleman air beds last night (hey, I'm getting OLD) and now need a couple sleeping bags.

ALSO, let's hear some of your best, proven camping tips.

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