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Walker also sponsored HB354, which would allow a person with a concealed weapons permit to bring guns on a bus. He said now, "a person with a concealed weapons permit could enter a terminal of a bus station ... but couldn't go onto the bus."

What??? Since when is a bus prohibited in the first place?

Guys, this "compromise" with the U of U is threatening our rights. PLEASE call your representatives TODAY and get them to OPPOSE any cave-in on our rights.

A compromise is this: Anti-gun folks want to restrict guns from certain areas of college campuses. Pro-rights people want to eliminate the NEED for a CCW permit.
Antis: We don't want guns on campus. Lets compromise.
Us: Okay. We will agree, if you agree to remove the CCW permit requirement, so our carry laws reflect those of Alaska and/or Vermont.
Both sides need to give and take, not just one side, for it to be considered a compromise.

So don't just give in.
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