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Re: Pulled over.

Originally posted by longgonedays
I have a long ramble about getting pulled over in Carry Issues, I left out the part that pertained to Louisiana and thought I'd get some experienced responses here.

I had my G19 in the glove box, and the officer asks me "If I run this will it come back in your name ?"

Huh ? This is Louisiana, brother. He asks me where I bought it, I tell him down South. He said "Well you bought it so it would be registered to you."

I tell him I bought it brand new, mine and always has been mine. He goes to his car for awhile, comes back with the ticket and my gun.
After he handed it back to me I ask him if he meant that when I did the background check, would it put my name on it ?"

He confuses me a little by saying "I ran it, it didn't come back as stolen. We run all guns in traffic stops."

But that's NOT what he said he was running it for. I understand the policy, but why ask me if it was registered to me ? To try and get a good idea if it was stolen ?

As I understand it, you're not required to "register" a gun in Louisiana. Also, that there is no record that can be found by running the serial number during a traffic stop, that shows the owner's name. Right ?
I was pulled over for speeding 2 weeks ago by a state trooper near Ruddock. Handed him everyting (and my CCW Permit) and he asked If I was carrying and I told him it was in the console at the moment. He never asked to see the weapon. He went back to his car, wrote up the ticket, came back, and handed it to me while saying have a good day.

In Louisiana, your vehicle is an extention of your home, so what was the officer doing in your glove box? Was your vehicle being searched???

As far as running your weapon, he probably ran the serial number to see if it was reported as stolen property. As for his comment about running all guns at traffic stops, that is a bunch of BS. He has no right to be in your vehicle unless you submit to a search,he has a warrant to search your vehicle, or he uses the infamous "probable cause" which must be justified.

You have a lot missing from your story. Take it from the to and add as much detail as possible, starting with where you were when you were pulled over.
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