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I didn't realize I left so much out. Like I said I typed a novel in carry issues.

Ok, I was coming home from work, my fuse blew to my tail lights. I was almost home and it had just gotten dark, he sees me and pulls me over.

My registration was in a center console from me digging around the other day. My insurance card is a wallet size, and it wasn't in there, so I needed to dig for it around a lot of papers in the glove box.

Sitting on top of the glove box, was my loaded pistol. There was an awkward moment while he wanted me to reach into the glove box, he could see it with his light.

I told him twice I can't get to it without moving the pistol, so he asks me to hand it to him, which I did in the safest possible way.

He then asks me the "If I run this.."

He never searched my car or anything. I'm just asking about his comments about running it to see if I was the owner, or if the pistol was registered to me.

He backed out of that stance by saying he ran it to see if it was stolen, not registered to me.

I was still weirded out by him asking me to hand him my pistol, when he asked me the questions I was more like "uhhh what ?"
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