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e-mails sent to both of Salt Lake County's senators.

One item that stood out for me was the issue of roommates that have permits. Unless things have changed considerably since I lived in a dorm you can change room mates without a hassle if you don't get along with them for some reason. First week of fall there were always people changing roommates for many reasons.

I think it would behoove a permit holder to tell his roomy he has a permit so there are no unexpected surprises, but to legislate it is ridiculous.

I mentioned in another post I went to Berkeley for one quarter in my younger days. What I didn't mention was I had a roommate from Montana who carried a Colt .45 revolver with a 6" barrel in his backpack all over the Berkeley campus.

As far as I know back then, 1974, he was perfectly legal. And he managed never to shoot anybody either.
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