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Nice work there.

Gander is a joke. It is actually better than the Bass Pro in Concord....And as a side note, if you do go there for for work, or play, CHECK THE BOX! I went in while on a job, and the ONLY pair of Timberlands that they had in my size that day, were returns that were covered in drywall dust, and when I asked if I got the 50% discount on a pair of used boots, the guy looked at them, and em or leave em...
I finished the job in a pair of tennis shoes praying OHSA didnt show...

One you should try sometime if you are in the area, is Gods Country in Albemarle, and Archdale Ammo and Arms in of course, Archdale. AAA is LEO owned, but they treat everyone I have seen go in, like old family. They have no problem with questions, give the right answers, and if they dont know, they find out.
They are also the only ones in the area that had a clue what a EMP Springfield was when I was interested in one.

Gods Country was a fluke we found. A buddy and I were on the way to go hog hunting in SC and we were a couple of hours ahead of time, and we pulled in the parking lot they are located at on 52 to check the tie downs on the 4 wheelers, and there they were. A little high on camo, not a huge clothing selection, but the counter guys took time with everyone, and had a clue.
I will be buying a set of matching Brownings for the wife and I from them, and now that I have eliminated the EMP from my list, will probably spend some time picking out a Kimber from there.

In Lexington, the place to stay away from is a place called Daddy Rabbits on hwy 8 out near High Rock Lake, at the intersection of 8 and 47. I went in to check it out with a friend that is LEO, and he said that one of the guys that worked there was ex LEO and Blackwater. He was more interested in selling me what HE wanted to, did not listen to what I was looking for, and when I asked if he had heard a thing that I had asked him, his boss, the owner, storms out from this side door (looks like the office was behind it) and went postal, telling me to get the hell out, never come back, dont spend a dime in there, dont look back, etc.
Turns out he also runs the gun shows in Davidson County, and he must make enough off those to keep that place running.
I did what he said..I bought my SOCOMII at Archdale, and got it for $350 less than Rabbits was asking, AND it was in stock.
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