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There is also Lawman's supply just down the road from PDHSC. They are mainly police supply but they do have a small collection of shotguns and handguns.

I do hit PDHSC when I'm in the area, and have bought from there before. My last time in, though, I asked about the price of something and no one would/could tell me. It was a rifle that was listed on one of the auction sites and no one knew what the store owner wanted for it.

The last time I was at Maces, they had a Mosin-Nagant pistol for $200 that SOG and others were selling for <$100. Other prices seemed more reasonable though.

I'm not sure if Jim's actually has a shop or is one of the last kitchen table dealers. He does normally have a table at the gun shows.

And, speaking of Jim's, there is Jim's Gunnery pawnshop in Fayetteville. They are pricey for their size but a large selection of new and used. There is also one in Hope Mills whose name I can't remember. It's just down NC210 from Bragg.

Range 1 in Lillington, NC. (Actually Bunn Level). They are on weekend hours only the last I checked since the owner has had some serious back issues.

Fuquay Gun Shop & Pawn in Milkove Plaza in Fuquay Varina. A small selection of handguns and long guns. There is also a pawn/gun shop on NC55 just down from Young Guns.
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