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Originally posted by cuervo
I do hit PDHSC when I'm in the area, and have bought from there before. My last time in, though, I asked about the price of something and no one would/could tell me. It was a rifle that was listed on one of the auction sites and no one knew what the store owner wanted for it.
Your comment caught my eye -
I know the owner and he does estate sales and sales of specility items. Sometimes these are consigned. Generally when he puts something up for auction it will be something out of the ordinary and he will not 'give you a price' even if he is in the store. He is waiting to see what folks will bid. If he knows what he wants, he puts a 'buy now' price. I'm pretty sure he doesn't end auctions early - so he doesn't have a concept of 'what he wants' for an auction item.

He has auctioned a couple of items I was interested in. He did tell me the range he thought the items would sell in.
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