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Originally posted by PARAGON

I disagree. The statute is in reference to being asked to specifically display your CHL. In MS, it IS NOT mandantory according to state statutes to inform the officer of your concealed handgun nor are you required to show your CHL unlessed specifically asked for your CHL.

In a traditional roadblock, only a DL and possibly proof of auto insurance is asked for and required.

Upon being asked to display your CHL, you must also display another valid ID along with the CHL, such as your DL.

In some other states, upon a traffic stop or road block, you are required to immediately notify the officer of your concealed weapon and display your license to carry said weapon.

Maybe. However, of the many attorneys, local DA's office, and small handful of judges we have discussed this with, they all are in agreement that you must present your CCW along with your DL when carrying.

To me, I don't see the need in taking a chance of not informing a LEO, and risk a charge. Chances are you would never find out, but why risk it?
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