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Originally posted by OXCOPS
Maybe. However, of the many attorneys, local DA's office, and small handful of judges we have discussed this with, they all are in agreement that you must present your CCW along with your DL when carrying.

To me, I don't see the need in taking a chance of not informing a LEO, and risk a charge. Chances are you would never find out, but why risk it?
I agree. There's no point in risking it. I was just pointing out that it is not required by state statute. But that doesn't mean one doesn't use common sense to make things move smoothly and safely.

Personally, this is the way I handle it. And this is just me. If it is just a random road block, I present my DL and that's it. If for some reason the stop progresses, I inform of the presence of the handgun and where. It's not illegal to have a handgun in the vehicle without the CHL, to begin with, so informing is strictly optional.

If I am stopped for a traffic infraction, I inform, just out of courtesy. I don't want any surprises and think it's the best way for me to handle the situation.

But, again, if you are asked to show your ID, you're are only required to show a valid ID (DL). If you are specifically asked to show your CHL, then you are required to show it and another valid ID. MS does not have anything in it's statutes that requires the licensee to present the CHL unless specifically asked for it. This is in contrast to some states that specifically require you to inform an office of the presence of a firearm and present your CHL.

There's a difference between what's "smarter" or better and what the law requires. Personally, I'm not one of those that feel that THE MAN is infringing if he touches my weapon. I understand the tension at a stop and want to remove as much tension as possible and informing does that. If he suspects me of being drunk or on drugs and asks me to exit the vehicle and I print, I would rather him not have to draw on me..... but that's just me.
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