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Re: How I became a member

Originally posted by KSSWATCOP
This is kinda funny.

I got involved with a member of the church. We eventually married. When we married I told her I would not stop her from going to church nor would I stop her kids from going to church. SHe smiled and said, That is fine.

Two weeks later she asked if she could feed the missionaries because they are sacrificing and depend on members of the church for support.

I agreed and what was once a month became once a week. No matter how I tried to redirect the conversation from the church they always somehow managed to sneak in a lesson. I was close to beoming a member at one point when a new missionary kicked my dog becasue he didn't like him. Missionaries were not allowed at my house for a long time.

I started letting the missionaries come back a month after the otherone was transferred out. He was transferred at the request of our bishop. Apparently he was not liked by anyone.

After about another 2 months of having the missionaries over I was baptised. A year later I was sealed to my wife and her kids. A few months after the sealing the adoption was finalized with the kids.

That is all she wrote.
kewl story and thanks for sharing it. I served in Arkansas City Ks, Overland Park Ks and Manhattan Ks Grandview Mo, Ohama Neb and Kearney Neb, and I only had 1 dog not like me, it was chained up in Northern Kansas City and was one mean dog. Every other dog, cat, horse etc loved me.

As for me, I was raised in the Church and became converted with the help and good example of good Rodeo Friends and the reading I did after breaking up with a GF. Long story short I later went on my mission. I was in Ok, Ks, Mo, Neb Yes lots of driving and riding of bikes in 5 states (Part of Iowa was in one of my zones) . Started in Northern Ok (Tulsa) and ended in Western Neb (Zone was 1/4 of the state)

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