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Originally posted by lumberjack
And those people are wrong, simple letter of the law on that one.

And I'd say they are right. The way I understand it the definition of concealed in MS is any part of the gun not being visible. Since its impossible for it all to be visible, then technically its impossible for it to not be concealed.

In order for it to get to the courts, it must first be handled by the cops. From my experience with cops in MS, most are quite level headed unless you give them reason to act differently. I have never been pulled over by a PITA cop, although I have interacted with a few.

Furthermore, copied from your first post on the thread:

I have $25 bucks to spare, charges? loose it? hardly.

In order for you to be searched, they have to have probable cause. Acting like a normal respectful citizen of the great state of MS keeps probable cause at bay and the cops friendly like. Since this thread was asking about road blocks, random occurrences. They ask for your license and proof of insurance, check the inspection sticker and you're on your way. If they asked for the CCP, hell give it to them, otherwise I see no reason to volunteer info, it slows down the process and serves no purpose.

Same here, I am just chatting. And yes, I have $25 bucks to BLOW on such a infraction of this questionably questionable law. Presenting my permit outside my vehicle would be a misdemeanor with a $500 fine and/or 60 days in jail, provided the officer cared enough about it to fill out the paper work. If they do feel that way its highly probable I was doing something reckless deserving something far worse.

What if games are endless, I think its time for us as citizens to mold the law to us, not us to the law. The law was made to serve the people, Mississippi could finally lead in something other than teen pregnancies.

The financial cost I was talking about was not the legal penalty. I was referring to the huge amount of legal fees you will pay to your attorney to contest the charge. The going rate around here for a rookie staff attorney fresh out of law school is $100/hour. By the time you make it through court, you can spend thousands for a misdemeanor.

A judge may be wrong in his interpretation of the law. However, what is going to happen if he is? Nothing to him. Everything to you. Now, you have to spend more money to file an appeal to another judge. What if he agrees? Another appeal. There is nothing that really states a judge has to be right 100% of the time. That is why we have an appeal process. But, that process costs money.

The easy fix I see is to just show the CCW along with your DL. I know a couple of people who have taped them together. One side is the DL. The other side is the CCW. Legally, do you HAVE to show it? Maybe not. But, why even screw with it and take that chance? You are right that most MS LEOs are level headed and don't care. However, that doesn't mean all of them are. There are some who will slap a charge on someone just for the stats. I know. I have worked with one like that.
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