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Originally posted by lumberjack
Why one anyone fight a "noncriminal violation" who's penalty was $25? Its a cheap traffic/parking ticket. Court costs would add another $150 bucks, but the DA/ADA probably would settle out of court if it was the only infraction, assuming it made it that far. Furthermore, you have the right to defend yourself, I have done so and it has been a fun/entertaining/learning experience. If I went through law school, the DA said I had a job with him for the taking, plain and simple.

From the cops perspective, why would he go through the hassle of giving you such a pathetic violation unless you were doing something to deserve it? Getting cross examined on the stand is rarely an enjoyable event.

I have had many a day on the stand. It ranks right up there with a root canal. In those days, I have seen people fight stupid charges just because they could.

In the case of a CCW, I would think someone would be interested in contesting the charge in order to keep their permit. If you are convicted of a permit violation, that permit could be revoked. Seems like a a pretty big gamble for 'proving' you are right on the side of the road. (Notice I have intentionally refrained from the "Besides, what do you have to hide?" line. )
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