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Hunter's Paradise going out of business!!

Stopped in the Shenandoah Farmers Market today where Hunters Paradise is located.
I asked about ordering a gun and he said he couldn't do it.
I asked why and he said "because we're going out of business."
To which I ask, "So any good deals?"
He says "How about cost?"
I bought several hundred rounds of .45 Colt and 10MM auto as well as some cleaning equipment.
I didn't ask about gun prices but it would be worth looking into.
They did not have signs up or anything but I heard them repeat the same story to several customers and watched them mark down items for everyone!
Thought I'd pass on the Heads-Up!
Location: 121 Carpenters Lane (Shenandoah Heritage Farmers Market)
Phone: 540-434-4868.
They were out of .223 ammo but still had cases of handgun ammo available.
I barely got out of there with my marriage intact.
Good luck!
"In God We trust"
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