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Originally posted by WinstonSmith
I don't know about the retired status issue, but getting a CCW is not difficult in NC. A short safety course. In general gun laws in NC are fine with the exception of the prohibition against any carry in a declared emergency. It's a beautiful state with the best climate in the east. Beaches, mountains, Research Triangle, universities....and a little slower pace of life. What are you looking for?
I'm looking for a peaceful place that is within reach of city amenities. Right now, where I live, the closest malls are 2 hours to the south and 2.5 hours to the east of here. Lakes for the kids to wakeboard and tube are 3-5 hours away. I'm looking for some nice temperatures and sunshine. Up here we get @ 80-110 inches of rain a year. The summers are always overcast and cool (@ 65*-70*). Being within reasonable reach of lakes for fishing and boating, and the ocean for fun would be AWESOME. Edit: Question- Why would it be against the law to carry during a declared emergency? IMHO, that would be the most prime time to carry. That would really suck if you got hit by a hurricaine like Katrina, and the only people carrying guns would be the BGs. And we all know what happens during the states of emergency...Robbing, looting, murder, etc... For some reason that really doesn't make sense to me.

Originally posted by SBM
Are you looking to get back into LE, or something else?

As far as the laws here go, all the info you need is on
If the physical limits that I have on my shoulder will still allow me to be a LEO, I would love to stay in the field. The shoulder injury on my weak side prevents me from being able to combat inmates inside the prison. I worked at Pelican Bay State Prison for 12 years. Of which 6.5 were as a Sergeant. So I have supervisory and custody experience to offer.

Thanks for the link and the information fellas. I will give it a look-see.
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