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NC gun laws aren't bad at all. It is a shall-issue state for CCW permits. Also, with a CCW, you can buy as many pistols as you want. Without, you have to apply to the Sheriff's Office in your county of residence for permits which cost $5 each and you can only get five at a time.

You can technically open-carry on your person or in your vehicle but there is also a common-law offense called "going armed to the terror of the people." It is a long story and there have been lots of arguments here on GT over it, but the fact is that the offense remains untested as to its full application because it is rarely, if ever, charged.

Not sure how HR218 applies once you retire and move...your agency has to issue a retired ID, which in my mind means it would limit you to the state you worked but I may be wrong. CCW is relatively easy to get.

NC will recognize many states' L.E. certifications. We have reserve and part-time officers which are regular officers; you just have to find an agency willing to take you and who allows you to work (as opposed to just holding your certification as a paperwork courtesy). In NC, Sheriff's Offices patrol unincorporated areas. Deputies are certified through Sheriffs Training and Standards, police officers are through Criminal Justice T&S, but they are essentially the same thing and you can switch between SO and PD without any issues once certified. Many Sheriff's Offices jump on retirees to bailiff.

To become NC-certified, you must have been through an academy with comparable training and hours, and then challenege the state test. You can also take an 86-hour NC-specific portion of an academy, THEN challenge the state test which is what most people do because if you fail the test, you have to go through the whole academy (Basic Law Enforcement Training or "BLET") in its entirety. If you worked corrections most recently, it won't transfer to L.E. certifiction.

I'd recommend the mountains for retirement; Ashville, Dillsboro, Sylva. The Outer Banks is too busy even year-round now, and it is 90 minutes from the Tidewater, Va area (nearest metroplex). Charlotte is a nightmare as is Durham.

PM me if you have specific questions.
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