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Re: North Carolina Glock...Errr...I Mean Gun Laws

Originally posted by Iron Nose
This goes out to all the North Carolinans on the board. How stringent are the NC gun laws. I am a soon-to-be medically retired Peace Officer in good standing out here in CA. In CA I am still able to CC under my retired PO status. Will I have the same rights in NC, or do I have to apply for a permit as a citizen? I know the law that Bush signed a couple of years ago, grants us the ability to cross states and CC, but not sure about the retired status. We are seriously considering relocation to NC. I am originally from Balto., MD, but have no desire to move back there. NC will be much closer to my family in MD. I would also like to PM with some NCers about employment and location suggestions.
NC is really beautiful in the Raleigh area. Many of my friends moved there last year. Housing prices are very low.
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