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Iron nose,

Some things to consider before moving this way. NC is one of the most highly taxed states in this area. State income tax is pretty high, gas tax is outrageous, and our insurance rates on the coastal counties is getting ready to go up another 25% in March. But then again, coming from California, perhaps you won't feel the pinch so much.

The spring and summer can be quite hot, rainy, and muggy, plus you might have to put up with hurricanes every once in a while if you live close enough to the coast.

The gun laws aren't too bad, depending on what county you move to. I know there are counties where the sherrif will issue several gun permits pretty much on the spot, once the NICS check has been done. Others, you have to fill out a crapload of paperwork and have people you know sign a statement, stating that they trust you to own a handgun, and then you have to wait several days to weeks for a locally imposed limit of 2 permits. So you are forced to pay $10 for a police check, and $5 per permit, with a limit of five per year. So instead of paying $10 and getting your five for the year, you have to pay $30 in police checks in order to get your limit of five, because the local sherrif will only issue two permits per application. The simple solution, is to get a concealed carry permit. Which I don't know the particulars about, as they pertain to you being retired. But knowing NC, you would probably have to go through the normal process, so the local sherrif can get the application process money.
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