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OK since I didnt start the negative talk... Used to go in there and find halfway good deals, but since they changed their inventory from hunting/outdoors with a pile of guns to what they have now their prices are up and evidently sales aren't. Loved going in there and have bought from them before, just not lately. I did however have a not so good experience , not towards me just around me, one of the guys was calling another seller in the area and giving him crap about his prices being too low and it not being good for anyone who wants to sell guns, really sounded whiney and childish, and put a bad taste in my mouth for the place. But once again, I was in the area this weekend and a fun store is a fun store so I had to stop in. They looked plenty busy, but I guess nothing was really going out the door... Oh well, another one bites the dust. R.I.P. Hunter's Paradise

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