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Housing is way, way overpriced right now, but it's been coming down for the past 8 months or so. There was a real-estate speculation mania for a few years, and it peaked at the beginning of 2006. It needs to come down about 60% from it's high. Your timing might be just about right.

Guns and outdoors-wise it's a paradise. Drive a little outside of town and you can shoot all you want. Lots of places to ride motorcyles and drive offroad. Tons of places to explore in the desert all around and little towns to the east and south. Don't miss the basque food in Gardnerville/Minden -- great family experience. Don't miss the Nevada Gun Exhange in Carson City -- a real old-time gun shop (although any gun shop in Nevada is great compared to the garbage in california).

Job-wise it's ok. If you are an educated person, you should not have a problem getting a pretty good gig.

Generally it takes a little getting used to if you come from a place with lots of rain and trees. But the desert is beautiful in its own way.

There are a lot of relatively poor people. Crime is relatively high as is drug use and the rate of high school dropouts.

It's not the california bay area where everyone is rich and everything is beautiful, but in Nevada you are free.

my 2 cents

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