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Originally posted by DreamWeaver88
I never had to go to my local PD when I got my CCW. One trip to the County Clerk in Pontiac, then I headed directly to the Oakland County Sherrif's station in the same complex for fingerprinting. I was in and out of both places in probably 15 minutes total.

thats what i meant, sorry.

i made the exact same trip you did, a couple times. first time was ink, second time they printed me on the scanner thing. i like that a lot better

second time i went (to renew), this girl who couldn't have been 20 was there getting her guns safety inspected. i have a feeling she inherited them, since she had about 6 different NICE guns and didn't seem to know much about them. if i wasn't broke at the time, i would have politely approached her and her mother with an offer

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