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Originally posted by Ender
thats what i meant, sorry.

i made the exact same trip you did, a couple times. first time was ink, second time they printed me on the scanner thing. i like that a lot better

second time i went (to renew), this girl who couldn't have been 20 was there getting her guns safety inspected. i have a feeling she inherited them, since she had about 6 different NICE guns and didn't seem to know much about them. if i wasn't broke at the time, i would have politely approached her and her mother with an offer
Is it just me, or does that scanner thing take two or three tries for almost every finger? Maybe it goes by how soft the skin is on your fingerprint area or something, but the guy had to keep trying certain fingers because the print wouldn't show up too well.

Not having any money at the time happens to me a lot. I could have had some good deals on guns and other things if I had only had some cash. :(

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