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Originally posted by grislyAdam
The atmosphere at Granger Guns has been better the past couple of times that I've been there. Maybe the owner has been reading here. Nothing against his wife and pet Lab, they're both nice. It's just when there's a "barber shop"-type, sit-around and BS session going on in there is when I feel the most uncomfortable. Used to get the same feeling at Newman's.

Why dealers may be hesitant to perform FFL transfers is because they have to( I believe)keep the paperwork on file forever. And, of course, they would rather have you simply make your firearm purchase from their shop.

My experience with Midwest and Indiana Arms was like this:
Midwest will not give you a signed FFL form to send to the seller. The seller must contact them and request the form. At that time, I'm sure that the owner leaps out of his chair and runs out to the mailbox.
Indiana Arms wanted to charge me sales tax on a firearm that I bought from someone in Tennessee.
I haven't been into Granger Guns in a while so it very well could have changed. I agree with your good ole' boy analysis. I was only in Newman's once, so I cannot comment.

The same paperwork stays on file whether they sell or transfer the gun. I really think it's so they can charge a high mark up on the same gun.

The only way to buy from Midwest is at shows. Steve at Indiana Arms is fine, however, he claims there's a reason to charge sales tax on out of state sale. IANAL, but if it is an out of state sale, no tax is collected, and you're supposed to claim it on your IN tax return.
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